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Kingfish Statistics + Data Analytics, Inc. is a boutique consultancy firm focused exclusively on data and analytics for business, academics, health, and non-profit organizations. We understand how your life revolves around budgets and timelines, so we are dedicated in using our expertise to harness the power of your data whatever your needs. We specialize in small businesses and early start-up research teams.

Our Mission Statement:

We are a research consortium that seeks to bridge the intersection between business and academic data science. The firm’s seeks to apply the tools of decision analytics, which is comprised of behavioral economics, experimental psychology, and cognitive neuroscience, to help our clients understand the multitude of factors that influence decision-making.

Services We Offer

Why Choose Kingfish Analytics

Kingfish brings a unique blend of experience across a diverse range of sectors. Our staff has led projects as large at 40 million dollars and have publication histories as authors in leading academic journals. We have been awarded numerous investigator-initiated awards (R03, R21, R01) from the National Institutes of Health, program and policy evaluations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. We have also partnered with pharmaceutical and medical device firms in the pre-submission and post-approval phases. This diverse level of experience means that we can offer the best set of tools that best fit for your project.


Our team is cross-training in data science, business marketing/economics, and consumer psychology. We also work with some of the leading brand consultants in medicine, dentistry, and cosmetic dermatology. We have worked hard in therapy to figure out who we are and where draw the line on our skill-set, and when to reach out to the experts!


We have been known to work nights and weekends, at no extra charge, to deliver the highest quality products within demanding timeframes to our clients. What is that old saying..”love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life!” Plus, we have very understanding families!

Education and Experience

Our team has many with top degrees (PhD, M-stat) from the top universities in the country (Harvard, Johns Hopkins), and has worked with some of the industry leaders in business consulting (IBM, GE). We understand the importance of the “tech weenie details” but never get lost in the need for practicality and timeliness.


Because of our corporate organization, we are able to offer our services at a deep discount to our clients. Our spirit guide tells us: “Give us a number and we’ll see what we can do”!

Our Success Stories

A Rigorous Scientific Background Case Study

An associate Professor was looking for a statistician with a wide range of statistical tools to support their grant application to NIH. The principal Investigator needed someone who…

A Decision-Analysis Case Study

Fortune 500 companies often rely on advanced data analytics to understand key attributes driving sales (e.g. price versus quality), how customers could be segmented into different groups…

A Pharmaceutical Case Study

A start-up medical device company needed to use the results from their pilot trial to raise capital by attracting new investors, while also using the data in their Class-1 FDA Submission pathway…

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